User of service, concluding a public offer contract, is obliged to confirm that he is familiar with the following risks:

  • risk of a person's loss due to changes in foreign exchange rates (currency risk);
  • the risk of a person's loss as a result of non-execution, late performance or incomplete execution by a Forex dealer and / or a bank in which a Forex-dealer account is opened, financial obligations to such an individual in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and the Individual Agreements (credit risk);
  • risk of an individual's loss due to violation of current legislation and (or) internal documents of the Forex dealer by the Forex dealer, violation of the functioning (refusal) of the software and hardware of the Forex dealer and (or) an individual, the inconsistency of the software and hardware of the Forex- dealer to the nature and volume of operations conducted by him, the commission by a third person on behalf of an individual of transactions as a result of the receipt by such person at random or as a result of his deliberate actions access to the possibility of executing such transactions on behalf of an individual, carrying out transactions by an individual that do not correspond to his intentions, for reasons related to insufficient experience of this individual with the software and hardware of the Forex dealer and / or the commission of random actions , as well as as a result of external events (operational risk).

The contracts or financial instruments proposed for conclusion are highly risky and may result in the loss of the deposited funds in full. Before the transactions, you should familiarize yourself with the risks with which they are connected.

The information presented is for informational purposes only.